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Angie says that she “took the idea of ‘American Idol’ and ‘Hollywood Squares,'” and “mushed those together to generate unpredictable comedy!”


Comic performer Angie McMahon stated: “I am a performer in Chicago where I also teach sketch comedy writing, stand up, and storytelling at The Second City. Because theaters and comedy clubs have been closed and we don’t have a very good idea as to when they will be able to re-open safely, a lot of shows have taken to going online. But it is especially hard for a comedy to translate in a Zoom call where the response is silence and a chat is scrolling alongside your face while people have random side conversations. So I created a Virtual Interactive Live Streaming Comedy Game Show called Wisecrackin.’” READ MORE

When you hear of all of the businesses that have been affected by COVID-19, rarely do people think of the stand-up comedy economy. Unlike actors who can film without a live audience and still adhere to proper social distancing protocol, the road warriors who make their living live on stage are stuck. Stand-up on Zoom? Nah. Between the side chats going on with audience members in the comments and talking to what is fundamentally an empty, quiet room, comedians had to come up with another plan and place to bring their people.

Angie McMahon, whom you may have seen on Netflix’s hilarious baking show Nailed It, found a solution while playing the Jaxbox game Whiplash with her family on Zoom. The fill-in-the-blank gave McMahon the idea to put a bunch of comedians in a room to play the game together, and then stream that on all the major platforms — Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — where people can come and chat with Angie, the host, and vote for their favorite punchline. “I kinda took the idea of American Idol and Hollywood Squares,” McMahon says on a phone call, “and I mushed those together with a little Comedy Bang! Bang!“ Worth it? You better believe it. READ MORE

I am just a short train ride away from Chicago, where I go often to get my fix of theater, live entertainment and good restaurants on a regular basis (at least when I’m not in isolation). Angie McMahon, a Chicago-based performer who also teaches sketch comedy, writing, stand-up and storytelling at The Second City, says a lot of shows have gone online. Angie told me recently, “It is especially hard for a comedy to translate into a Zoom call where the response is silence and a chat is scrolling alongside your face while people have random side conversations.” Angie’s solution is a virtual interactive live streaming comedy game show called Wisecrackin’, which pits eight comedians in a challenge to write a punchline to a set-up they have never seen. The audience gets to watch and vote live on their favorite punchline, while also interacting live in the chat, and doing audience challenges throughout the show. I love it! READ MORE

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With the people in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wisecrackin’ presents an online alternative for people to still laugh their hearts out in a live comedy show. It invites eight comedians who go head to head in a live virtual comedy game show. Each comedian participant is tasked to write a funny punchline to a prompt provided by Wisecrackin’ writers, and after giving out their answers, the audience votes and chooses the winner. READ MORE

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This will be Pimprov’s first live performance since Covid-19 has shuttered their weekly live show. READ MORE